Got this, my sister was a little too excited to help me out! Works great. I do wish the light was a little brighter. We were both very pleased with it’s performance though and she has now purchased the same one for her family.

The most convenient & efficient ear cleaner with camera which can be used by the whole family
Quick, safe & easy to use. High precision lens with 360° wide angle view, built-in LED lights & 1080P high resolution

Ears Cleaner | Ear Pick With Camera | Cleaner For Ear Wax

Original price was: $119.Current price is: $99.


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The innovative wireless ear cleaner with camera allows you to clearly observe the inside of ear canal and ear-pick position to avoid blind movement.

Accurately and safely remove ear-wax and effectively protect the ear skin and ear drums.


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Original price was: $119.Current price is: $99.

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USB Rechargeable

The ear wax remover endoscope has a built-in 130mAh rechargeable battery, which can work continuously for about 30 minutes or 20 days of standby time, and only needs 0.5 hours of charging time


IP67 Waterproof Design

This ear cleaner has an Ip67 waterproof design, which only need to clean the lamp bead part with water or wipe with alcohol.

Easy to Use & Convenient

The earwax removal tools only needs to download the “Be bird” APP, press for 3 seconds to start the device and connect to the wifi of the headset, you can use this ear scope camera with one button. There is a step-by-step operation tutorial for the first use. Don’t need to worry about not using this ear camera. You can take this 5.7-inch ear cleaner with you and check your health at any time.

6 LED Lights & 360°Wide Angle

Our wireless earwax removal tool otoscope is equipped with 6 LED lights that can illuminate the ear examination area and capture more realistic images or recorded wonderful videos. In addition, the ear cleaning camera uses three-axis gyroscope technology, even when rotating , 360°wide-angle can also provide stable and smooth image transmission, which makes this ear wax removal kit easier to help you check for internal ear infections or safely remove ear wax.

Widely Compatible

This otoscope earwax removal camera can provide high-quality 1080P FHD (3.0MP lens) full HD video images, with a 4.5 mm diameter lens, suitable for various sizes of ear canals. In addition, medical bio-grade PC material ear spoons are soft and safe, which can meet the needs of different people to check your ears, mouth, nose, teeth, throat, skin and other body parts.
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The Ear Scope Camera | Earwax Remover

Can this earwax removal tool take pictures? Is the picture quality clear enough?

Yes, you can use this earwax removal tool to take pictures of the internal conditions of your ears, and you can compare before and after cleaning by taking pictures to get a more obvious effect. Whether to use the shooting function can be decided according to your own usage.

Can I check my mouth with an smart visual ear cleaning stick? I think it will be useful.
Yes. This smart visual ear cleaning stick is very versatile. Our smart visual ear cleaning stick can not only check and clean the ears, but also check the mouth, nose, skin and other parts.
Can this ear endoscope wax removal be connected to an Android phone?
Our ear endoscope wax removal has a wide range of compatibility and can be connected to Android phones
Will the lens of this wireless ear camera otoscope scratch my ears?

Our wireless ear camera otoscope will not scratch your ear canal at all. The ear spoons of the wireless ear camera otoscope is made of medical biological grade PC material, which can effectively protect your ear canal and is soft and safe. The use process is very comfortable and there will be no other discomfort.

Are the images obtained from the smart visual ear cleaning stick APP realistic?
You can get more realistic images or record wonderful videos through the smart visual ear cleaning stick APP. In addition, the ear cleaning camera uses three-axis gyroscope technology, which can provide 360° wide-angle image transmission even when rotating, so that the image transmission is stable and smooth, which makes this earwax removal kit easier to help you check for internal ear infections Or safely remove earwax
Can I see the deeper position of the ear canal when using a wireless ear camera otoscope?
This wireless ear camera otoscope can penetrate deeper into your ear canal and clean up more effectively. After connecting the wireless ear camera otoscope to the mobile phone, you can clearly see the internal structure of the ear and the position of the earwax on the mobile phone, so you can operate according to the clear picture, the operation process is simple and safe
Why is an Ears Cleaner a better choice than cotton swabs?
An Ears Cleaner is designed to safely remove ear wax without the risk of pushing it deeper into the ear canal, unlike cotton swabs which can often do more harm than good.
How does an Ear Pick With Camera enhance the ear cleaning process?
An Ear Pick With Camera allows you to see inside the ear canal in real-time, ensuring a safer and more effective ear cleaning by avoiding guesswork.
Is a Cleaner For Ear Wax safe for all ages?
While safe for most users, it’s always best to use gently and carefully, especially with children. For very young children, consult a healthcare professional first.
Can Ears Cleaner help prevent ear infections?
By maintaining proper ear hygiene and preventing wax buildup, an Ears Cleaner can potentially reduce the risk of ear infections.
What makes an Ear Pick With Camera innovative?
The integration of a camera in the ear pick revolutionizes ear cleaning, providing visual guidance to safely remove ear wax.
How do I clean a Cleaner For Ear Wax after use?
It should be cleaned with alcohol or a disinfectant solution to ensure hygiene and prevent any risk of infection.
Can an Ears Cleaner remove hard ear wax effectively?
Yes, many ear cleaners are specifically designed to safely remove both soft and hard ear wax.
Is it easy to operate an Ear Pick With Camera?
Absolutely, they are usually user-friendly with intuitive controls, making them easy to operate for most people.
How often should I use a Cleaner For Ear Wax?
Use it as needed, typically when you feel discomfort or blockage due to ear wax buildup, but avoid overuse to maintain natural ear health.
What are the benefits of using an Ears Cleaner over traditional methods?
Ears Cleaners offer a safer and more controlled method of ear cleaning, reducing the risk of injury and infection associated with traditional methods.
Can an Ear Pick With Camera be used on both ears?
Yes, it’s designed for use in both ears, but ensure it’s cleaned between uses to maintain hygiene.
Is a Cleaner For Ear Wax easy to maintain?
Yes, they are generally low maintenance, requiring only regular cleaning and proper storage.
How does an Ears Cleaner improve personal hygiene?
Regular and safe removal of ear wax helps maintain good ear hygiene, which is an important part of personal care.
Do Ear Pick With Camera devices come with different size attachments?
Many models include various sized attachments to accommodate different ear canal sizes for a comfortable and effective cleaning.
What should I do if I experience discomfort using a Cleaner For Ear Wax?
If you experience any discomfort, stop using the device immediately and consult a healthcare professional.
Are Ears Cleaners suitable for people with sensitive ears?
Yes, they are generally suitable, but it’s important to use them gently and follow the instructions carefully.
How does the camera feature in an Ear Pick With Camera work?
The camera transmits a clear image of the inside of your ear to a connected device, allowing you to see and clean effectively.
Can Cleaner For Ear Wax tools be shared with family members?
It’s not recommended to share ear cleaning tools due to hygiene reasons. If necessary, thoroughly clean and disinfect between users.
What are the power requirements for an Ears Cleaner?
Power requirements vary by model, with some being battery-operated and others rechargeable.
How precise is the removal process with an Ear Pick With Camera?
The camera provides precision by offering a clear view, allowing for careful and accurate ear wax removal.
Is a Cleaner For Ear Wax a long-term solution for ear care?
Yes, with proper use and maintenance, these devices can be a durable solution for maintaining ear hygiene.
Can an Ears Cleaner be used without professional assistance?
Yes, they are designed for home use, but it’s important to follow the instructions and use them carefully.
Are there waterproof options available in Ear Pick With Camera?
Some models offer water-resistant features, but it’s important to check the specifications before exposing them to moisture.
Does using a Cleaner For Ear Wax hurt?
When used correctly, it should not hurt. If you feel pain, stop using it immediately and consult with a healthcare provider.
How do Ears Cleaners compare in cost to professional ear cleaning services?
They are generally more cost-effective in the long run compared to regular visits for professional ear cleaning services.
Can I use an Ear Pick With Camera if I have an ear infection?
If you have an ear infection or other ear problems, consult with a healthcare professional before using any ear cleaning device.
Is a Cleaner For Ear Wax compatible with all types of smartphones?
Compatibility varies, so it’s important to check the specifications for compatibility with your smartphone.
How do I know if I need to use an Ears Cleaner?
Signs that you might need to use an ear cleaner include ear discomfort, hearing difficulty, or a feeling of fullness in the ears.
Can Ear Pick With Camera devices store images or videos of the ear canal?
Some advanced models offer the ability to capture and store images or videos, which can be helpful for monitoring or consulting with a healthcare professional.
Should I consult with an audiologist before using a Cleaner For Ear Wax?
Consulting with an audiologist or healthcare professional is a good practice, especially if you have ongoing ear health issues.
Revolutionizing Ear Hygiene: The Advancements in Ear Cleaners for Safe Wax Removal

Ear hygiene is an essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of personal health care. Traditional methods of ear cleaning have evolved with technology, leading to innovative tools like the “Ear Pick With Camera” and various types of “Cleaners For Ear Wax.” These advancements have not only made ear cleaning safer but also more effective. This guide will explore the new age of ear cleaners and how they can change the way we approach ear hygiene.

The Importance of Proper Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is crucial for preventing wax buildup, which can lead to discomfort, hearing loss, and infections. However, traditional cleaning methods, such as cotton swabs, can often do more harm than good by pushing wax deeper into the ear canal. This is where specialized ear cleaners come in.

The Rise of the Ear Pick With Camera

One of the most innovative tools in ear hygiene is the “Ear Pick With Camera.” This device combines a traditional ear pick with a small camera, allowing users to see inside the ear canal in real time on a smartphone or tablet. This visual aid ensures a much safer and precise cleaning process.

Different Types of Cleaners For Ear Wax

When it comes to removing ear wax, there are several types of cleaners to consider:

  • Spiral Ear Wax Removers: Designed to safely extract wax without pushing it further into the ear.
  • Suction Ear Wax Cleaners: Use gentle suction to remove earwax.
  • Electric Ear Cleaners: Combine vibration and suction for effective wax removal.

Advantages of Using an Ear Pick With Camera

The “Ear Pick With Camera” offers several benefits:

  • Safety: Reduces the risk of injury by allowing you to see the wax and the ear canal wall clearly.
  • Effectiveness: Provides a more accurate and thorough cleaning.
  • Educational: Helps users understand their ear health better.

Best Practices for Using Ear Cleaners

To safely and effectively use ear cleaners:

  • Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Be gentle and cautious to avoid damaging the delicate structures of the ear.
  • Clean and disinfect reusable tools after each use.
  • Consult with a healthcare professional if you are unsure about how to use the tool or if you have pre-existing ear conditions.


Ear hygiene has entered a new era with tools like the “Ear Pick With Camera” and innovative “Cleaners For Ear Wax.” These advancements not only promise safer and more efficient ear cleaning but also empower users with a better understanding of their ear health. Remember, while technology has made ear cleaning safer, it’s always best to approach it with caution and seek professional advice when necessary.


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